The best classes.

At True Yoga + Fitness, we offer the best classes at the best times, taught by the best teachers. Our class schedule was intentionally created for yogis of all levels and backgrounds—from first-timers to advanced yoga practitioners.  Our highly experienced teachers will offer you individualized instruction, creative sequencing, and a yoga practice like no other!  Our classes are designed to motivate, strengthen, calm, sculpt, and sustain.

What's your flow?

Break a sweat during this heated, movement-packed class. Flow (aka Vinyasa) provides a fast-paced mind-body challenge that focuses on breath, alignment, strength, balance, and flexibility. Expect engaging sequencing, fun music, and inspiring vibes.  

Find balance in the heat. Alternate between strength and flow sequences to lengthen, sculpt and tone. This class will keep both your body and mind engaged with an emphasis on repetitive muscle engagement and core strengthening. 

Feel the burn when we turn up the heat. Long, slow holds feature a mix of standing and balancing postures, but slow does not mean easy… are you up for the challenge? Bonus: give your wrists a break with little to no chaturangas or down dogs. 

Find your way back to your yoga roots in this alignment based, yet super fun class! Great for beginners and those looking to fine-tune their more advanced yoga practice, True Roots inspires students to connect deeply to yoga. Note: this class is warm, not hot.




True Baby + Me is for babies 6 weeks-crawling babies and their mommies (dads and other caregivers/special people welcome to bring the babe)! Bond with your baby through yoga, strengthen your body after pregnancy, and meet other mommies in the community. 


Get lost in the flow during this rockin’ heated power flow class for teens. This class will inspire you, energize and lift your spirits, and expand your vision to what is possible within every breath and beat. Roll out your mat for some sweaty fun! This warm (not hot!) class is for teens!)


In this fun and relaxing class series you will discover how yoga can positively affect the aging process. We will focus on basic poses that target four specific aging challenges: Strength, Flexibility, Balance and Agility. Calming techniques to quiet the mind and reduce stress will also be covered. We all hope for good health and sound minds as we age. Yoga For Healthy Aging will deepen our understanding of the aging journey and provide important tools to help us stay strong, focused and independent.
If you're new to yoga don't worry, Yoga For Healthy Aging is the perfect introduction. Students should wear movable, comfortable clothing. Props will be provided.


Come restore your body + mind by grounding and calming in this awesome class! Restorative yoga is a perfect complement to more athletic forms of yoga, targeting the connective tissues of the hips, pelvis, and lower spine. Poses are held for 1-5 minutes, which can be both relaxing and challenging. 

This one-of-a-kind combination class fuses interval training with yoga instruction: the best of both worlds in one well-rounded class! The first 25 minutes is dedicated to dynamic HiiT interval training led by a certified personal trainer. The remaining 40 minutes includes True Flow yoga instruction and a relaxing cool-down. You will leave feeling balanced, reinvigorated, and ready to take on your day!


Half flow, half yin. True Vin-Yin is the class for you if you are looking to move, break a sweat, AND relax and let go. Vinyasa is challenging for the body while yin (restorative yoga) is challenging for the mind. This class will leave you feeling amazing!

True Mama is an awesome yoga class for expectant mothers--safe for all stages of pregnancy and no prior yoga experience is required! Prenatal yoga nourishes your body through all of the changes it goes through during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond! True Mama will help you strengthen and tone your body, provide relief from common pregnancy aches and pains, and feel increased connection with your growing baby. This class is also a great way to connect with other preggos in the community.