Our Story

About us


We’re sisters, business partners, licensed clinical social workers, and yogis! We truly believe that there is nothing more powerful in this world than the connection between mind + body. We’re thrilled to bring a unique studio to Northbrook and the surrounding communities at True Yoga + Fitness.

At True you can expect the BEST CLASSES taught at the BEST TIMES by the BEST TEACHERS.

Come get sweaty with us!


Melissa + Caroline

*Melissa and Caroline co-own True Mind + Body, a comprehensive wellness center for your whole family. Visit our True Mind + Body website for more information!




Beautiful, Peaceful environment

Our studios have a bright and airy vibe. Flooded in natural light, the beautiful wood floors and natural stone accents will transport you away from the hectic day-to-day to a calm, comfortable, and fun sanctuary.

Heat that feels like the sun

Therma-ray radiant panels in the ceiling provide a healthy, green heat source. You'll feel an amazing, even heat without that breeze you get from forced air heat systems. Best of all: it really feels like the SUN on your skin! We’re happy to be the first studio in the area to go green with our heat!

Personal Attention

You are not just a number in our classes. Our teachers are here for you to provide hands-on adjustments and cues to keep you safe and moving in the right direction! 

Empowerment + Inner Peace

Leave our classes feeling strong, capable, and ready to take on your world. In addition to your workout, put aside your stress to connect with your inner peace. Research suggests that a regular yoga practice reduces anxiety and improves mood throughout your day and week.