the best YOGA teachers.



I found yoga 13 years ago during a stressful job and loss of my father. I started doing Ashtanga Yoga every Wednesday at a health club in the city. It was the only time each week that I got to listen to me and what was going on inside my body. I wanted to commit more time to yoga, but traveling often kept me away and my weekly session would have to suffice!  A few years later, I became pregnant with my first son and was excited to not only start the next chapter of my life, but to commit more time to yoga. Prenatal classes were not giving me what I needed, so I gave up. I dabbled here and there as a new mom but it wasn't until 2010 that Yoga became a part of my daily life. Yoga has changed my mind and my body. I look forward to each day when I can roll out my mat, unplug my mind and tap into my breath and my body. I am so lucky to be surrounded with such an amazing community of yogis!  I completed my first 200 hour teacher training with Sharyn Galindo and I am close to completing my 2nd with Gina Marciano. I am forever a student and look forward to decades of yoga!


Coleen Yeloushan

Colleen found  yoga in her twenties looking for a supplement to distance running and dance but quickly realized that the benefits of yoga far surpassed anything that any other fitness regimen ever delivered. Yoga is a vehicle for much more than the physical body, it improves the whole person. Colleen’s main focus in teaching yoga is to pass on the gifts that yoga has blessed her life with to others. Yoga is for every person, regardless of age or ability and meets each individual where they are. Graduate of Nature Yoga Sanctuary 200 hour teacher training June 2013 under the leadership of Mark Lerro and Paul Weitz.





Cassie is a yoga teacher who creates an environment for students to grow from the inside out.  She encourages students to explore their potential on the mat to increase their awareness of their capabilities off the mat.  Cassie believes that yoga is a place for students to find a place to listen to the inner voice that speaks from within, that is often ignored. Making incredible changes and life choices is not always easy, but if you are able to connect, and honor, your true self; all things become possible and real.

Cassie teaches a strong vinyasa flow built off of alignment and breathe. Movement and strength are always incorporated in her classes along with a little playful inspiration.  Be ready to sweat, laugh, and love every bit of yourself!

Cassie received her 200RYT at a beautiful studio in Aspen, Colorado.  What started out as a small adventure to the mountains, turned into a 3 year journey into self discovery.  Cassie moved back to Chicago returning to the corporate world, only to find that yoga was her true calling. After a year with Viacom,Cassie returned back to her mat! She now teaches in the Chicagoland area.  You can also catch her traveling the world teaching retreats with Compass Spirit Yoga.  Cassie recently was accepted to join Yoga Medicine for their 500RYT certification.

"I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.' - Albert Einstein


Dayna Robbins

Dayna's love for fitness led her to pilates, and after taking it for many years she became a certified mat and equipment instructor in 2008. She has additional specialized training in pre/post natal protocols, gait analysis and function, and pelvic floor dysfunction. After years of teaching pilates, Dayna began to question why so many of her clients continued to suffer from the same injuries and areas of pain. She began exploring some alternative approaches to working with the mind and body. She fell in love with Reiki and how it helped her clear blocked energy. It allowed her to think and move more effectively.  She became a level 2 Reiki practitioner and also competed certifications in crystal healing, as well as essential oils, to further enhance the experience for her clients. She is currently undergoing a  two year certification through Nutritious Movement Institute where she is learning corrective exercises and lifestyle adjustments to fix physical ailments. She has been able to incorporate all of these modalities to create a completely unique healing experience for her clients. In addition to her work with adults, Dayna is certified through 2 different programs in kids yoga. She teaches children ages 3 and up and enjoys the creativity and freedom that comes when working with these little people. Look out for her special mother daughter yoga workshops which will continue her whole body approach to mindfulness and wellness.


Debbie Muraff

Almost 15 years ago, a dear friend convinced me to try my first yoga class.  I had no idea what to expect. I immediately fell in love with the practice.  I instantly appreciated the mind-body connection.  After five years of yoga classes and feeling a huge transformation physically and emotionally, I decided to deepen my practice and knowledge in a 200 hour teacher training at Moksha Yoga Center.
I teach Vinyasa flow style yoga focusing on alignment and the micro-movements that can enhance the postures. I work with students to use effort to create ease. To help a student feel stillness in a challenging pose and discover new sensations is why I love teaching yoga.  It is a truly gratifying experience to watch another person experience the benefits of yoga.
For me, yoga has helped me heal physically after some medical challenges and surgeries.  I practice Vinyasa and Ashtanga yoga which I have studied and practiced consistently for several years.  The practice has taught me to move slowly and fluidly through life.  My practice is a moving meditation which has helped calm my mind and maintain a strong sense of well being.


Erika burton

Erika came to yoga eight months pregnant with her third child. As an active runner, she was unsure yoga could provide her all the benefits she found physically and mentally from running.

After a few short months (and a new baby), not only did yoga provide her space for physical challenge, but she understood why so many referred to a yoga mat as a magic carpet ride. She discovered that yoga has the ability to lift her up spiritually, physically, mentally and change her into a better version of herself.

Erika’s classes focus on proper alignment and helping her students find their inner strength as they practice to reap the full benefits of their individual practices. She helps her students discover that every time they practice is a new opportunity to explore their selves leading to change and growth on and off the mat.


Jackie Lyon

Jackie creates a fun, creative, and refreshing yoga class that take you on far away imaginary journeys while also teaching age appropriate yoga concepts. With 10 years of yoga experience as a student Jackie felt that it was time to branch out and teach her own classes. She got her RYT-200 certification and is continuing her education through Rainbow Kids yoga training. When she's not on the mat teaching she enjoys traveling with her family, teaching outdoor Tinkergarten classes, and raising her vivacious toddler Tenley. 

Judy Roin

Judy discovered yoga in1998 and soon realized how well it complemented her fitness teaching practice and active outdoor lifestyle. She loved the physical challenges of yoga poses but really connected with the sense of inner balance, peace and well being she achieved through regular practice. In 2002 she received her 200 hour teaching certification from Moksha Yoga and in 2014 she completed the 500 hour certification through North Shore Yoga. Judy is especially interested in how yoga can contribute to happier and healthier aging and recently completed a special certification in “Yoga For Healthy Aging” with Dr. Baxter Bell and Nina Zolotow in Berekely, CA. 

Judy’s classes focus on teaching fundamental skills, proper alignment, logical transitions and breath awareness. She enjoys working with both beginners and experienced practitioners and specializes in those recovering from injury and illness.

For the past 35 years, Judy and her husband have lived in Glencoe where they raised three children and countless pets. When she’s not on the mat, you will find Judy biking the Green Bay Trail, walking in the Botanic Garden, winter skiing in the Rockies or hopping a weekend flight to California or Massachusetts to visit her grandchildren. 


Julia Halpern

Julia is thrilled to join True Yoga and brings with her an energetic and joyful flow class, where everyone is encouraged to move in tune with their own bodies.  To practice yoga is to let go of the ego, laugh when you fall, focus the mind, release negative energy, breathe, sweat, find freedom and know the journey never ends.  Julia's yoga journey began almost 15 years ago while living in downtown Chicago.  Julia immediately loved the way that this ancient healing practice nourished her mind, body and spirit.  While working as an attorney Julia got hooked on an early morning TV practice led by Steve Ross.  During her 10 years as a lawyer and through two pregnancies, Julia continued to practice yoga at various studios, often early in the morning in order to carry the calm with her as long as possible.  Julia has spent the last couple years as a stay at home mom to her two children, her most rewarding job to date, where practicing yoga off her mat is essential, with patience and a steady mind (most of the time anyway!).  Julia will forever be a student of yoga, and has learned from many teachers along the way.  She currently loves to practice Ashtanga, where it is quiet and challenging, and Vinyasa, where the music and movements are inspiring.  Julia aims to bring positive vibes, upbeat music including hip hop and reggae to her classes, while helping students to find the peace and strength that yoga has given to her.  

Julia recently completed her 200 hour training with the faculty of Shri Yoga Center, a certified teacher training program under the Yoga Alliance.  When Julia is not on her mat, she enjoys traveling, cooking and playing sports with her family, spending time in nature, eating good food and chocolate.  


Laura Merlo

There was a time when I would eat, sleep, dream and breathe all things yoga. Now i just live it. Finding yoga was like meeting the person I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with. I just coudn't get enough and I still wanted more. I would get on my mat every chance I could in between juggling 2 babies, a husband and a small clothing line I design. I would take any workshops offered, multiple teacher trainings, read magazines on asana and books on theory and sutra. I watched videos of whatever yogi I could find on youtube and then eventually, Instagram. My asana practice, as well as the spirituality that derived from it became my way of life. Yoga has taught me to be kind, to be authentic, to be me. My physical practice has evolved so much over the years and continues to do so. The time i spend on my mat practicing and teaching is what I live for, but living my yoga off the mat is my way of life. 
Laura is steadily inspired by her teachers, her students and those who surround her on their own mats and has two certifications through yogaview. 

Corey Jackier

Corey is a certified personal trainer (CPT). She first began private personal training in 2001 and has been deeply involved in sports and fitness throughout her life.  In addition to coaching high school girls basketball and field hockey at The Latin School in Chicago, Corey is an active and competitive athlete.  Graduating high school with 11 varsity letters, she was the captain of her high school field hockey and basketball teams and received interest from several universities to play field hockey at the collegiate level.  Since graduating from the University of Arizona in 1995, Corey has stayed active and competitive by running in various road races and triathlons, working out regularly, and practicing yoga. Corey interweaves her passion for athletics and personal fitness by applying results-based multifunctional movements in all three planes of motion to enhance her clients’ lean muscle tone and flexibility.  Corey believes strongly in whole body health, which is why she's extremely excited to team up with True Mind+Body.